Together, we will use intuitive software to conquer our everyday problems.

At AptiTekk, we design and craft beautiful software to solve the common efficiency problems that plague schools and businesses.

We strive to create software solutions that work well, look great, and are very easy to use.

We desire to change the way schools and businesses perform their daily tasks by creating innovative software solutions. We do so because we believe that great software can benefit entire communities, and that through software, we can give back to the communities that helped guide us to where we are today.

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You have already helped countless individuals. Now, let us help you.

We may be small — but our passion is limitless. We work hard to create software solutions that can be relied on because we genuinely desire to help the charitable teams who have done the same for us.

Whether you are a school teacher or a business executive, you have touched the lives of countless individuals through your work. Now, it’s our turn to help you.

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We will never forget the communities that defined who we are.

AptiTekk was originally founded to solve a common, yet simple problem faced by the schools local to us. Many schools still used outdated and inefficient “solutions” to manage room and equipment reservations. This often lead to confusion and frustration caused by accidental double bookings and lost data.

As current and former students of these schools, we have witnessed firsthand the struggles that many teachers have faced when reserving rooms for clubs and events.

To help our schools and businesses move from paper and re-purposed freeware to a solution that really works for them, we have created AptiBook; an all-in-one resource reservation system that eliminates frustration for good.

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